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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy ("Policy") describes the policies and procedures on the collection, use, disclosure, and protection of your information when you use our website.

By using our website, you will be agreeing to the privacy policy mentioned on this page. Please read carefully before you proceed.

We use the provided data to provide and improve our services in order to give you the experience and services you require. This privacy policy will remain unchanged unless notified otherwise.

Information collection and use

Buddha Class collects and uses the information that you provide to improve our services. This information generally includes your personal data such as your name, contact address, education level as well as your skillset that you provide while filling the application forms or while making calls at Buddha Classes.

All information that Buddha Classes use will be provided by you.

Information Collected from third parties

Buddha Classes can collect your data from third parties for promotion and other marketing activities once you use our website and fill our forms. This can include information such as your email id and information regarding your preferences.

Automatically collected data

Buddha Classes can automatically collect your information through forms and email subscriptions. This data includes information such as the contact details that you enter on your forms and the cookies from the browser related to our website.

Buddha Classes may use the cookies to analyze and monitor your activity on our website.

Usage and Location Data

Buddha Classes can and may use the information about you use our websites through the use of tracking techniques like cookies. This is done strictly to analyze your online activity to provide you with better web experiences. The tracking techniques used by Buddha Classes such as cookies will not work on any other websites.

Through the use of this very technique, Buddha Classes may also track your IP address to analyze the general demographics of our visitors as well. As mentioned, we use this technology to provide better services for our visitors and nothing else.

You can disable both the cookies and location data by going to your browser settings, clicking on cookies, and disabling our website to send and receive cookies.


Budda Classe may use a third party to collect your information to analyze how you are using our website. The third-party may analytics tools such as google analytics or social media platforms with our presence like Facebook.

Disclosure of Data

Buddha Classes will not disclose nor sell any of your data under normal circumstances. With the exception of legal requirements, should your data be leaked through Buddha Classes, you have all the right to take necessary precautions against us.

Disclosure of Information under Legal issue

If there is any legal action taken against you, Buddha Classes may reveal your information to the verified government authorities. This is done to protect the company from legal precautions such as obstruction of legal investigation.

Under these circumstances, Buddha Classes will comply with the government official and disclose your information.

Changes to Privacy Policy

The privacy policy mentioned on this page is subject to change and update. Should it happen, you will be notified and the changes will be made on this page.